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Centr Hits Rock Bottom

Chris Hemsworth’s Fitness App Centr Hits Rock Bottom – Australian Staff Laid Off and App Crashes!

Melbourne, VIC — It’s a tale as old as time… a celebrity launches a business venture, and the world watches as it either soars to new heights or crashes and burns. This time, it’s the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, who’s facing a storm of epic proportions. His fitness and wellness app, Centr, has hit a rough patch that’s got everyone talking.

The God of Thunder Faces a Storm. What’s Really Going Down with Chris Hemsworth’s Fitness Empire?

The Aussie Exodus: Staff Locked Out and Laid Off

In a shocking turn of events, at least 22 Australian employees of Centr Fitness were abruptly locked out of their computers and told their roles were redundant. The news came via an email from Mr. Sugerman, who noted the company’s decision to centralize operations in the U.S. and outsource some work. “It’s like a bad breakup, but instead of a text, it’s an email,” said one of the sacked staff members to, who had just been informed in person about the layoffs.

The Aftermath: App Crashes and Subscribers Revolt

But wait, there’s more! Just weeks after the layoffs, the app became virtually unusable for some subscribers. Users were continually logged out, and the Google Play store was flooded with one- and two-star reviews. “It’s not just a glitch; it’s a full-blown meltdown,” wrote one disgruntled user. Another added, “Someone tell Chris Hemsworth to fix his app before I cancel my membership!”

The Corporate Spin: One-Month Credits, but No Apologies

In a statement to, a Centr spokesperson confirmed the technical issues but offered only a one-month credit to affected users. No apologies were made. “It’s like getting a rain check for a date that went horribly wrong,” said a long-time subscriber.

The Inside Scoop: What’s Really Going On?

According to insiders, the Melbourne office will continue to be the global hub for content and customer service, but the engineering, creative services, and product functions have all been made redundant in Australia. “It’s a strategic move, but at what cost?” questions an industry expert.

Hemsworth’s Continued Involvement: Still in the Game?

Although Hemsworth sold the app to HighPost Capital in 2022, he remains deeply involved as the second-largest shareholder. At the time of the acquisition, HighPost confirmed that the Thor star would continue to be “deeply involved in all aspects of Centr.”

The Final Word: A Storm or Just Passing Clouds?

With a subscription cost ranging from $29.99 per month to $119.99 a year, users expect a seamless experience. Will Chris Hemsworth’s fitness empire recover from this setback, or is this the beginning of the end? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: the God of Thunder needs to bring his hammer down and fix these issues, stat!

So, darling readers, what do you think? Is it time to unfollow Centr, or will you stick around to see if Thor can save the day?

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