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How OPSM and Liam Hemsworth Brought “Life. Focused.” to Life

If you’re a lover of style, glamour, and the irresistible charm of homegrown Australian talent, then buckle up, dear reader! Today, we’re lifting the curtain on the successful partnership between OPSM, our beloved eyewear retailer, and the charismatic Liam Hemsworth. Trust us, you’ll see the world a little more focused after this read!

Back in 2019, OPSM chose none other than Liam Hemsworth for its “Life. Focused.” campaign – a strategic move to marry style and vision, metaphorically and literally. The collaboration was more than just a typical advertisement strategy, it was an extravagant spectacle that showcased the charm of Hemsworth and the brand’s commitment to helping people see their best.

In a series of humorous and engaging ads, we saw Hemsworth living an enviable, glamour-soaked life. Picture this – Hemsworth playing tennis with an assembly of models, or solving a gigantic jigsaw puzzle that, surprise, is a portrait of himself! And what’s common in each ad? A pair of chic OPSM glasses adorning his face, helping him (and us) see everything in crisp, clear focus.

But what made this campaign a resounding success, creating ripples in the industry and amplifying OPSM’s brand awareness?

Alignment with Brand Values: It all boils down to the campaign reflecting OPSM’s mission – to help people see their best. Hemsworth’s glasses were not just a fashion accessory but were shown as a tool for better vision and better living.

Creativity and Humour: The campaign left no stone unturned in tickling our funny bones. Humorous, light-hearted, and downright creative, the ads painted OPSM as a memorable and engaging brand.

The Hemsworth Magic: Let’s be honest – having Liam Hemsworth as the face of the campaign did wonders. With his enormous fan base and charming on-screen presence, the Hunger Games star’s participation brought the brand into the limelight.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the collaboration, Hemsworth took to social media, “Having the chance to collaborate with an iconic homegrown eyewear brand like OPSM is super exciting for me. The campaign is light and fun, and I really enjoyed working with director Patrick Hughes. And coming home to Australia is always a bonus.”

But there’s more to Hemsworth than his acting prowess and dashing looks. Few know that he has a keen interest in environmental conservation, often voicing his concerns about climate change. He’s also a vegan and was named PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Celebrity in 2016.

Hemsworth began his acting journey on Australian television shows before making his big Hollywood debut. One of his lesser-known career milestones is his work on “The Elephant Princess”, an Australian children’s television series, early in his career.

From the stunning beaches of Phillip Island to the glitz of Hollywood and then back to the heart of Australia for OPSM’s campaign, Hemsworth’s journey is an embodiment of glamour, hard work, and a dedication to vision – both in the literal and metaphorical sense.

OPSM and Liam Hemsworth proved to be a perfect match, echoing each other’s commitment to vision and creativity. The “Life. Focused.” campaign was a roaring success, and it’s crystal clear that this partnership was just the beginning of an exciting journey. We can’t wait to see what’s next for OPSM and Hemsworth, and we promise to keep you in the loop when the next big scoop hits our desks. Stay tuned!

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