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Media Woman Names Baby ‘Meth Rules’

You Won’t Believe the Outrageous Name This Aussie Journalist Gave Her Baby!

Hold on to your hats, folks – this one’s a doozy! Australian journalist Kirsten Drysdale just majorly put her foot in her mouth by legally naming her newborn son “Methamphetamine Rules.” Yes, you read that right!

The shady stunt was apparently part of some “journalism experiment” for a TV show investigating what baby names are allowed Down Under. Drysdale assumed the outrageous moniker would get rejected and then she could expose the default replacement name given by the government.

But plot twist – the name actually got APPROVED! Talk about backfiring big time!

Drysdale got absolutely grilled about the shameful decision when confronted on A Current Affair. Host Allison Langdon asked if the epidural blocked brain cells and why she’d curse her baby with such a rubbish name. Drysdale lamely defended it “in the name of journalism.” Gimme a break! 🙄

Sure, she claims she didn’t think the disgraceful name would stick. But that’s clearly no excuse for such reckless, clickbait tactics with your own child used as a prop! Where is this woman’s integrity? There’s no doubt little Methamphetamine Rules will face a lifetime of ridicule thanks to his mum’s serious lapse in judgement.

The government admitted their mistake in allowing the name and promised changes so this never happens again. Let’s hope the public outcry makes Drysdale think twice before pulling such thoughtless stunts at an innocent child’s expense.

Some people will do anything for headlines – but this narcissistic nonsense really takes the cake! Here’s hoping Drysdale can clean up the mess she created and give her poor kid a respectable name he can be proud of. What an absolute PR nightmare!

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