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Hugh Jackman’s Heartfelt Journey ‘Home’ in Qantas Ad Captivates Audiences Worldwide

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A Star-Studded Celebration of Resilience and Homecoming Unveils A Refreshed Take on the Iconic Anthem, ‘I Still Call Australia Home’

Since its inception, Qantas, Australia’s iconic airline, has been synonymous with the spirit of Australia – warm, welcoming, and vibrant. With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the global travel industry hard, the latest Qantas ad reflects the resilience, adaptability, and the deep longing for homecomings and reunions, evoking intense emotions amongst viewers worldwide. This beautiful reinterpretation of the timeless anthem, ‘I Still Call Australia Home,’ hits all the right chords, reminding us all of the spirit of unity and perseverance.

Hugh Jackman Qantas ad

Leading the campaign, Hugh Jackman, Qantas’ charismatic brand ambassador, shares screen space with other prominent Australian figures – pop icon Kylie Minogue, tennis sensation Ash Barty, former AFL superstar Adam Goodes, and globally loved musician Troye Sivan. Swimmers Ellie Cole and Bronte Campbell also lend their unique Aussie spirits to the film. Each one’s connection with Australia adds a personal touch, making this more than just a commercial. It’s a tribute to Australia, its people, and its resilience.

The ad commences with breathtaking drone shots of Australia’s expansive wilderness, the solitude of the scene amplifying the whispered rustle of the wind. This picturesque tranquillity is broken by the familiar strains of ‘I Still Call Australia Home,’ performed by the Australian Girls Choir, the National Boys Choir, and the Gondwana Choir. As the music unfolds, we’re introduced to the majestic Uluru, standing tall against the Australian skyline, symbolizing the enduring strength of the nation.

In this Hugh Jackman Qantas ad, Jackman and Minogue are not just actors, but singers too, lending their voices to the anthem. Their soulful rendition, combined with sweeping scenes captured across locations as diverse as Hutt Lagoon in WA, the jagged cliffs of Cape Raoul in Tasmania, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Sydney, South Australia’s salt lakes, Longreach, the Whitsundays, and even as far as Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London, underscore the shared longing for home and reunion.

One can’t help but be drawn in by the authenticity of the ad, especially with scenes featuring Goodes, waist-deep in Bondi Beach’s Icebergs ocean baths, amidst the chill of winter. This poignant portrayal stands as a testament to the incredible resilience that has become synonymous with the spirit of Australia.

The culmination of the ‘Hugh Jackman commercial’ is a series of emotional reunions that tug at heartstrings. As travel restrictions ease, these scenes remind us of the joy and relief that come with returning home and reuniting with loved ones – moments that had online fans admitting to shedding a tear or two.

The stunning representation of Australia’s natural beauty and unique culture, combined with the heartwarming narrative of homecoming, has struck a chord with viewers globally. This ‘Hugh Jackman Qantas ad’ reaffirms the actor’s dedication as the ‘Qantas brand ambassador’, promoting Australian tourism, and bolstering the airline’s community efforts, despite the recent challenges.

Qantas Australia

Just like the story behind each passenger’s journey, the making of the Qantas ad holds a rich tapestry of unseen moments and stories. Capturing the breathtaking beauty of Australia was no small feat. Locations such as Hutt Lagoon with its pink waters, the jagged cliffs of Cape Raoul in Tasmania, or the sprawling urban landscapes of Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, and Sydney, all played integral parts in creating the stunning visual narrative. The ad further stretches its wings to encapsulate international locations such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London, reinforcing the global connectedness that Qantas offers to its passengers.

The production process faced its own challenges. Filming Adam Goodes in the middle of winter, waist-deep in the icy waters of Bondi Beach’s Icebergs ocean baths, is a testament to the commitment of all involved. But it was this resilience and determination that breathed life into the vision of the ad, making it not just a commercial but a compelling short film.

The diversity of locations not only showcases Australia’s natural beauty but also mirrors the diversity of its people – and the stars of this ad are no different. With Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue, Ash Barty, Adam Goodes, Troye Sivan, Ellie Cole, and Bronte Campbell, Qantas has brought together individuals from varied fields. Each celebrity, with their unique journey and connection to Australia, personifies the spirit of the ad – the longing for home, resilience, and the celebration of Australia’s cultural tapestry.

Qantas brand ambassador

Hugh Jackman, Qantas’ brand ambassador, has been a beacon for Australian tourism, championing its virtues on global platforms. Jackman’s personal journey adds a layer of authenticity to his role in the ad. Being a global star with deep roots in Australia, he embodies the spirit of ‘I Still Call Australia Home’. His involvement goes beyond being a mere figurehead; he actively supports Qantas’ community work, thereby bolstering the social responsibility initiatives of the airline.

Qantas brand ambassador

But it is not just Jackman who brings authenticity to this Qantas ad. Pop icon Kylie Minogue, known for her international fame, brings her love for her home country to the fore, singing in the ad with Jackman. Tennis star Ash Barty’s dedication to her sport parallels the nation’s resilience, while the inclusion of former AFL superstar and Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes, lends a powerful representation of Australia’s rich indigenous culture.

The Qantas ad ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ is an emotional journey through the trials and triumphs of the recent past. It’s a testament to Australia’s unyielding spirit, its stunning landscapes, and the strong bonds that tie its people together. As viewers, we’re reminded of the beauty of homecomings, the joy of reunions, and the strength in our shared resilience.

As the world gradually recovers from the pandemic, this new Qantas ad, backed by Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue, and other notable Australians, carries a profound message – no matter where we are, how far we’ve traveled, or the challenges we’ve faced, we will always find our way back home. As the song goes, we’ll still call Australia home.

The ‘Hugh Jackman Qantas’ partnership is more than just a brand alliance; it’s a commitment to fostering community, promoting Australia, and celebrating the nation’s incredible resilience. As more Australians start travelling domestically and international visitors return, the ad’s title rings true for many, ‘I Still Call Australia Home.’

So here’s to our beautiful country, our unbeatable spirit, and to the joy of coming home – wherever you may find it.

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